Commercial Real Estate


Do you require a Strip-Plaza, Standalone building or Office space to run your business ? We can help !!

We can help your company achieve your business requirements. We provide free consultation to discuss your strategy - from site selection, demographics study, financing requirements, construction design and build planning to overall execution. We are linked with many experts and specialists to be part of the overall process to ensure a smooth transition and get through critical paths.

Should you require us to assist with making a purchase of a property and/or land or to selling your property and/or land, we will be there as trusted partners to ensure success. We have assisted other companies in Retail operations, Industrial businesses, as well as Professional Office enviromments to address their real estate busineess needs.

Part of the process includes site/layout planning, determining zoning & bylaw, and design feasibility. Working with a team of experts to input into the various stages of the business model is a ctirical part to ensure a proper decision is made.

Some of the other components include working with experts in the Environmental Assessment stage as well as design/architect/construction stages.